Window and Wall Art.

Romantic Wall ArtWindow or wall art is a vinyl sticker which is applied onto a window, a wall or other smooth surface as a decoration or for fun informational purposes.

We specialise in custom made window and wall art.

You supply us with your idea and we'll make it to suit your specific needs.

More information on custom made for you wall art here.

Ready made Window and Wall Art.

Ready made wall art Some people refer to wall art as wall decals, wall graphics, wall stickers or even wall tattoos!

All our wall art stickers are temporary and fully removable, although they can last for a long time.

On average, they can last up to 5 years and more indoors and will not damage your walls when they are removed.

They are perfect for children's rooms, because as their tastes change over the years, so can their wall art.

Even the wall art in your lounge, dining room or bedroom can change as your colours and taste changes over time.

More information on ready made wall art here.

How to apply to windows and walls.

Wall Art Application

There are a few preparations to be done before you can apply the window or wall art.

The surface must be clean and any paint should be dry.

Shiny surfaces like windows, glass or mirrors must be free of dust, grime and oil. Using a window cleaner should be enough to get a clean surface.

Make sure that on smooth surfaces the sticker doesn't´t form bubbles. Especially if it is a large sticker, let someone help you with the application. Apply the sticker slowly and follow the application guide carefully.

Get detailed application instructions here.